We would like to ask the fans of our club to donate 1,5% of their income tax to the activities of our club! It will help us in the further dynamic development of this beautiful sport. Each gesture is valuable and helps in the development of the Club.
Thank you

How is it working?

In the submitted tax declaration, the taxpayer may provide additional information which, in his opinion, may affect the distribution of 1,5% money by the Partnership Foundation, i.e. indicate a specific goal – enter the name of the sports club and address. A special column “Supplementary information” is designated for this (PIT-28 – items 126-130, PIT-36 – items 305 – 309, PIT-36L – items 105 – 109, PIT-37 items 124 – 128, PIT-38 items 58 – 62). This information will be sent to the public benefit organization as a detail of the amounts transferred. The taxpayer has the right to consent to the provision of his personal data (name, surname and address). This information is provided by the Tax Office. The consent is expressed by the taxpayer in the PIT form by ticking the appropriate box (PIT-28 item 129, PIT-36 item 308, PIT-36L item 108, PIT-37 item 127, PIT-38 item 61).


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