Sports birthday at the club

Looking for a cool idea for your child’s birthday? We have the answer for you! JUDO SPORT BIRTHDAY is an unforgettable birthday party in the form of sports activities. Our team plans and organizes unique activities, during which children learn about various forms of general development exercises, play and improve their efficiency by overcoming various obstacle tracks! In addition, the birthday time is also filled with unique sports activities, during which children learn to work in a team, learn the rules of healthy competition, and overcome their own limitations. At the children’s disposal we offer a professional sports room where kids can have fun and experience the best birthday party ever. The event is complemented by planned breaks, during which the kids spend time with the birthday boy or birthday girl (cake, gifts) and rest. The birthday offer also gives our players the opportunity to share their passion with close colleagues. Maybe that’s how you instill in your child a love of sport? It will be the best gift ! Duration: 120 minutes.

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